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Paid directory submission remains the best optimization strategy for online marketing. Compared with regular submissions, the approval time is significantly shorter and with higher chances of getting approved. Crowding is also not a problem as paid directories have minimal crowd. This ensures more traffic and high page ranking for your website. Majority of web entrepreneurs benefits from the perfect optimization and website indexing provided by paid directories. If there’s any disadvantage with paid directory submission, it’s the cost. However, the fast return of investment makes it a worthwhile expenditure.

SEO Scorpio understands the sentiment of every web entrepreneur. It is for this reason that SEO Scorpio offers DISCOUNTED PAID DIRECTORY SUBMISSIONS for clients.

Why choose alternative strategies when you can actually avail of the best? SEO Scorpio makes Paid Directory Submission affordable for all companies, whether starters or established

Pay less than the regular rates for Quality Paid Directories with the same approval speed.
Quality PR 4,5,6 & 7 Directories
Save Time & Money
Permanent Listing
One Time Payment

companies. Despite the discounted rate, services provided are guaranteed high quality and converts into tangible gains for your company.

At SEO Scorpio, paid directories are ranked based on the value they provide as well as their cost. Our SEO experts will recommend top directories that are relevant to your website category. Proper choice of directory means a lot in converting your traffic into sales. It also ensures cost-effective online marketing. SEO Scorpio boasts of its numerous benefits that include:


  • Discounted rates apply for all Paid Directory Submission deals.
  • Guaranteed submission to top directories with high link approval rate.
  • Get the best back links and permanent one-way links from relevant categories.
  • Receive a comprehensive log of previous Paid Directory Submission transactions thereby preventing duplicate submissions.
  • Save time and energy in finding the best paid directories and filling up add forms.
  • Benefit from increased traffic to your website which translates into sales.
  • Improve your search engine ranking and become more visible online.

Just like our other directory submission services, SEO Scorpio submits your site to the best directories, commonly indexed for better rankings. Our list of directories includes high page ranking and search-engine-friendly directories. With our expertise and dedication, you are assured of getting more traffic.

Here are some of the features provided by SEO Scorpio:


  • Faster, more convenient Paid Directory Submission at Discounted Rates.
  • All orders are processed within 24-48 hours with report furnished immediately.
  • Guaranteed static links.
  • 100% money back guarentee if link is not approved.
  • All website directories are regularly indexed.
  • Manually selected and handpicked directories relevant to your website theme.
  • Use of multiple titles and descriptions for best results.
  • Wide list of directories which are all SEO friendly.
  • SEO experts run a thorough review of details before submission.
  • All submissions are done by experienced teams of SEO experts.

SEO Scorpio guarantees the highest return of investment for its discounted paid directory submission packages. Take a look at our discounted rates which offer upto 50% discount on paid directories with page rank from PR3 to PR7. Paid directory submission ensures that your website gets cached instantly on search engines. Faster indexing of your website means more traffic in just short time.

Increase your sales NOW with SEO Scorpio’ Discount on Paid Directories Submission service.

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