How Cheap SEO Service Can Ruin Your Business By Making You Spend More

When you are starting a new online business, you may not have enough funds to hire a professional SEO service. In such situations, many site owners consider hiring the services of cheap SEO companies. Some SEO companies make use of unethical SEO practices and offer their services at cheap price. And then such site owners may find themselves in lurching situations when their websites are blocked or show poor performance.

If you hire such a SEO company to do SEO for you, you will end up spending more money in fixing all the shoddy work done by your previous SEO provider that promised to optimize your site at low price. Here are some of the services offered by cheap SEO providers that can land your website and your business in jeopardy:

Cheap link building campaigns
Google penalizes websites that does link spamming. Google’s Penguin update, an algorithm to thwart spammy websites is something you need to be aware of before you SEO companies that offer cheap link building campaigns. Buying links to achieve build links in less time is unethical SEO practice. Healthy link building cannot be achieved overnight. A reputed SEO company can offer you well-established network of websites for building quality links. However, you will have to spend more money for it.

Low-Priced Content
Thanks to Google’s Panda update, Google has managed to penalize any website that make use of plagiarized content, keyword stuffed content, and software generated content. By posting quality articles on your site, you can engage your site visitors and interact with them. If your readers find your articles interesting, their actions like sharing and commenting will eventually popularize your blog. Inexperienced SEO companies will offer you poorly written articles. Hence, you need to hire an experienced freelance writer or blogger. Before hiring a writer, you can go through his previous works and understand what kind of quality service he can provide you.

Cheap Website Development
Some companies may ask you to pay just 50USD to build a website. Spending less money may cause you to own a site that has security vulnerabilities, navigation difficulties and awful-looking website. Your business website should not only be aesthetically appealing but also it should be user-friendly and navigation-friendly. A website designer should show you several works they have done for their old clients. You should ask them what they will do to increase your conversions.

Low-Priced SEO
Well-reputed SEO companies offer their services at high rates. They do not make use of black hat techniques and over-optimize your site. They won’t promise you immediate results. Well-known SEO companies will always rely on safe SEO practices to rank your site better on search engine.

Low-Priced Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is an important service that is provided by many large and small SEO companies.  It is next to impossible to get huge number of followers overnight. It takes quite some time to achieve success in social media marketing as it all about building relationships with existing and potential customers. Professional social media marketing companies will naturally build audience to grow your business. They do this by solving issues, receiving feedback, and dealing with grievances of the visitors. They will also help you understand how their social media promotion has helped your business to grow.


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