Pinterest Engagement Tips: Running Contests and Adding Pinboard Contributors

Pinterest engagement has become one of the most powerful internet marketing techniques. Pinterest is a photo sharing social networking website that been growing at an astounding pace since the time it was launched in May 2010. Within two years, it has achieved an Alexa Ranking of 38. The immense popularity of Pinterest shows that people like to spend much time on Pinterest.

The good thing about Pinterest is that every post has an image which when clicked, goes to the website link you are promoting. If you want to effectively use the ‘Pinterest engagement’ marketing technique, you need to make use of following tips:

Pinterest Engagement Tip #1 – Run Contests
People love to participate in contests and sweepstakes. When there is an opportunity to win prizes such as coupons or money or few seconds of fame through contests; people do not mind spending time on it. For Pinterest engagement, you can start a contest wherein you can give away prizes to users who has the best collection of pinned photos.

Peugeot Panamá has successfully mastered Pinterest engagement by creating several engaging contests on Pinterest. What they do is, they divide a photo of Peugeot car into few pieces. They post one of the pieces of the car on their Pinterest pinboard and then the followers are required to visit the Facebook page of Peugeot Panamá or their website pin to find the missing pieces of the car on their pinboard.

The first 5 people who manage to correctly join all the pieces of the car are awarded prizes. In order to win a contest run by Peugeot Panamá, you should follow them or one of the boards started by them so that they will be able to view your profile on their pinboard. Through contests, they not only manage to achieve plenty of shares on Pinterest but also earn manifold followers.

Pinterest Engagement Tip #2 – Adding Pinboard Contributors
You can make your contributors feel good when you reward them for their contribution by giving away something or by letting them get involved with the product they adore. In order to add a contributor, you need to login into your Pinterest account and at the top right corner, you need to click on your profile name and then click Boards. You will be able to see all the boards that you have already created.

Suppose you want to add contributors to your ‘Products I Love’ board, you can click on the Edit button below the thumbnail of your board. Here, you can edit the name, description and category of your board. Through ‘Who Can Pin?’, you can add contributors by typing their names one by one in the ‘Add another pinner’ field and pressing the Add button. This way you can add as many contributors as you want.

While you concentrate on developing your social media promotion, your fans will do the pinning for you. Shoot is a famous website that educates people on how to make and manage your own garden. Shoot’s Guest Gardening board is a powerful Pinterest engagement technique that encourages people to pin pictures of their plants and gardens and thereby become contributors for them. By doing this, Shoot has managed to advertise their board and brand page considerably. Every picture that is pinned on their board is getting shared several times. Pinterest engagement has helped them build a good relationship with their followers.

Pinterest Engagement: Adding Many Photos to Each Page and Analyzing the Most Shared Images

Pinterest engagement is one marketing strategy that can help you drive good traffic to your business. Generally, people like to spend time watching interesting photos. With Pinterest, you can successfully the photo sharing strategy to promote your business. Here are two help tips on Pinterest engagement:

Pinterest Engagement Tip #1 – Adding Many Photos to Each Page
Only pages that have photos on it can be pinned on Pinterest. The size of the photos that you can add to your pinboard should be 110 x 100 pixels and higher. If the photos you add are not of proper size, your pages cannot be pinned. When people visit your website, they will not be able to share your images with others.

Each page should have at least one image that can be shared with others. A shareable picture can be an image that can easily express the complete message of your post. You should also make sure that you add interesting photos to each page. This will allow your page visitors to choose from a wide range of images and pin them.

When you visit the Pinterest page of The Pioneer Woman, you will notice that all the posts contain fantastic pictures. Visitors who come to this page are so impressed by the pictures present on it that most of the images are liked, pinned and shared with others.

If there are several images, people will choose and share images according to their choice. However, if you have only one image, they may not be interested in displaying that image in their profile and for this reason they may not pin it.

Pinterest Engagement Tip #2 – Analyze the Most Shared Images
Whenever you add an image, it is necessary to add only those images that can really interest your audience. They should be able to connect with your photos and they should be compelled to share them. Here is what you need to do before you go ahead and images:

  • You need to spend some time in checking out those photos that are most shared on Pinterest.
  • Make use of Google Analytics to determine out of the several pages of Pinterest which ones receive maximum traffic. Carefully go through those pages and images and then you should post similar photos on the pages that receive less traffic.
  • Go to your website and see which images are being pinned from your website. You can do this by visiting this link from Pinterest: You need to type in your website’s URL instead of mentioned in this link. Through this, you can easily come to know the most famous photos present on your website. To popularize your other pages and posts, you can add similar photos.
  • You can also make use of analytic tools like Curalate that are exclusively designed for Pinterest users. Through Curalate, you can know which content is receiving much traffic. It will also let you know who is talking about you and your brand, pinning your content, placing comments on it. It also lets you find out your best fans who share the most and contribute a lot.

Another important thing you need to do is you should install the ‘Pin it’ button in all the pages of your website. This will allow your visitors to easily share your site’s content on Pinterest. WordPress site owners can easily install the Pin it plugin.

Why Well-Known Companies are Now Embracing Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is today being embraced by the well-known companies who have previously been reluctant in using search engine optimization (SEO) and social media channels in their marketing strategies. There are various reasons which are cited as the main contributing factors in using social media in the marketing campaigns of these big companies and they include:

• Increased cost of advertising from traditional marketing techniques

• The increasing use of social media by many consumers

• The ability to influence the buying behavior of consumers through social media

• Real time results realized from social media marketing

Procter and Gamble
For two years in a row, Procter and Gamble (P&G) continued to register increased spending on paid media channels such as televisions and pay-per-click. Apparently, as it realized the increased budget in advertising in 2009 and 2010, it continued to watch its sales stall.
In 2011, P&G spend a staggering $10 billion is paid advertising, which was a 24% increase in the last two year. In the same period, it recorded a sales increase by 6%. What this means is that the budget of this giant company kept on increasing while there was no significant growth in sales. The company also announced that it was planning to lay off about 1,600 employees including marketers as a way to cut down the escalating marketing costs. (more…)

Facebook Plans To Tighten its Privacy Policies

Social networking settles conflict with FTC about ‘deceptive act’ of creating private details public without having permission. Facebook intends to make modifications soon to the privacy policy to supply simpler choices for the website’s more than 400 million active end users to manage details they post, after it settled a long-running conflict with the US Federal Trade Commission.

The world’s greatest social networking accepted obtaining a “pretty clear” message from end users they needed simpler controls. FB officials have conducted numerous meetings on Capitol Hill following Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) along with other lawmakers brought up issues about FB’s privacy protocols. Both sides said the conferences have been flourishing. The social networking was charged through the regulator last year of presenting “unfair and deceptive” changes to the privacy policy, which includes settings that made users’ private profile information open for public without their approval. The FTC said Facebook, that went public earlier this year, was responsible for ‘a wide range of deceitful conduct.

FB also shared private information such as geographic location, status updates and marital status with promoters and third-party apps without telling end users. Particularly, FB will update its online privacy statement in order that it more evidently describes its privacy procedures. Facebook will even get in touch with users, compelling these to review their privacy controls. (more…)

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