Pinterest Engagement Tips: Running Contests and Adding Pinboard Contributors

Pinterest engagement has become one of the most powerful internet marketing techniques. Pinterest is a photo sharing social networking website that been growing at an astounding pace since the time it was launched in May 2010. Within two years, it has achieved an Alexa Ranking of 38. The immense popularity of Pinterest shows that people like to spend much time on Pinterest.

The good thing about Pinterest is that every post has an image which when clicked, goes to the website link you are promoting. If you want to effectively use the ‘Pinterest engagement’ marketing technique, you need to make use of following tips:

Pinterest Engagement Tip #1 – Run Contests
People love to participate in contests and sweepstakes. When there is an opportunity to win prizes such as coupons or money or few seconds of fame through contests; people do not mind spending time on it. For Pinterest engagement, you can start a contest wherein you can give away prizes to users who has the best collection of pinned photos.

Peugeot Panamá has successfully mastered Pinterest engagement by creating several engaging contests on Pinterest. What they do is, they divide a photo of Peugeot car into few pieces. They post one of the pieces of the car on their Pinterest pinboard and then the followers are required to visit the Facebook page of Peugeot Panamá or their website pin to find the missing pieces of the car on their pinboard.

The first 5 people who manage to correctly join all the pieces of the car are awarded prizes. In order to win a contest run by Peugeot Panamá, you should follow them or one of the boards started by them so that they will be able to view your profile on their pinboard. Through contests, they not only manage to achieve plenty of shares on Pinterest but also earn manifold followers.

Pinterest Engagement Tip #2 – Adding Pinboard Contributors
You can make your contributors feel good when you reward them for their contribution by giving away something or by letting them get involved with the product they adore. In order to add a contributor, you need to login into your Pinterest account and at the top right corner, you need to click on your profile name and then click Boards. You will be able to see all the boards that you have already created.

Suppose you want to add contributors to your ‘Products I Love’ board, you can click on the Edit button below the thumbnail of your board. Here, you can edit the name, description and category of your board. Through ‘Who Can Pin?’, you can add contributors by typing their names one by one in the ‘Add another pinner’ field and pressing the Add button. This way you can add as many contributors as you want.

While you concentrate on developing your social media promotion, your fans will do the pinning for you. Shoot is a famous website that educates people on how to make and manage your own garden. Shoot’s Guest Gardening board is a powerful Pinterest engagement technique that encourages people to pin pictures of their plants and gardens and thereby become contributors for them. By doing this, Shoot has managed to advertise their board and brand page considerably. Every picture that is pinned on their board is getting shared several times. Pinterest engagement has helped them build a good relationship with their followers.

Things You Can Do to Recover Google Penguin and Panda Update

With the consistent release of Penguin and Panda update, Google only wishes to give more exposure to high quality websites and eliminating the appearance of bad sites on Google Search results. However, several sites that are not spammy but were not optimized well have also been hit badly with the recent release update from Google. There are several things you can do to recover from Google Penguin and Panda attack. Here are some of things that can help you get started:

Dealing with Google Penguin
Penguin update was released to thwart sites that were optimized excessively. These sites are the ones that have numerous junk links. Hence, your site needs to have links that appear natural and relevant. Since natural link building is a gradual process, sites using shortcuts for building links will not be spared by Google.

Dealing with Google Panda
Panda update was released to thwart sites that had low quality and spammy content. If your site contains plagiarized content or posts created using software, your site will be considered as problematic sites by Google and in no time you will see your site losing its ranking on search results. Here are some things you can do to make sure your site does not become victim to Panda update:

  • Keyword density

Avoid excessive usage of keywords in your content. You should not go beyond 1-2% keyword density. You can make use of LSI keywords to use variations of your targeted keywords. Your posts should have a natural tone and should be easily readable and understandable.

  • Use subheadings

Subheadings makes your content appear interesting as it divides your content into smaller topics. If your content does not have subheadings, the article will appear very plain to the site visitor and he will not be interested in reading the entire article. Subheadings can easily catch the attention of the reader and makes your content readable. Hence, to avoid being hit by Google Panda, you should make use of subheadings in your content.

Optimize Other Elements of Your Site
Apart from spammy content and poor links, even sites that are not navigation friendly and user-friendly are being penalized by Google. So, to protect your site from getting axed, you should concentrate in improving other elements of your site such as image descriptions, meta tags, page descriptions, article title, site performance, easy navigation, user-friendliness and so on.

Use Wiki Links
Thousands of sites are now resorting to Wiki links to overcome Penguin issue. However, the only thing you need to be considerate about is the fact that the Wiki Links you make is relevant to your website’s niche. The links should not appear automated. You should not be much concerned about the fact that the links are do follow or not.

Press release
The links placed through press release are not the ones that are placed unnecessarily. It does require you to submit press releases to media sites; however, they are free to decide whether to accept your press release or not. You need to write very compelling piece of content and it should definitely sound newsworthy. Do not stuff it with numerous links to your site.

Interesting Pictures
Pictures make your site appear attractive and you can add links to them as well. From where can you find interesting photos for site. Photos that are available on Google Images cannot be used if they are being used by any other website. If you do so, it can lead to legal issues. Google allows you to use images from stock image websites. It is also important to add descriptions to your photos so that people can easily come across your photo and website when they perform a search on Google.

How to Get Rid of Spam Comments from Your WordPress Blog

Many WordPress blog owners often face a tough time in getting rid of spam messages that are posted as comments. By posting spam comments, spammers try to make your blog visitors to visit their own websites. Spammers can post spam comments manually or make use of ‘robots’ to post randomly. Such comments can degrade the quality of your website.

Thanks to the user-friendliness of WordPress blog, there are several things that you can do prevent spam messages. Here are the three steps that you can take to get rid of spam comments from your WordPress blog:

Stop comments for moderation
You can accept comments automatically from a trusted commenter. However, you can block all the comments from new comment posters for moderation. If comments are posted by a robot, it will be stopped automatically. If you find someone posting comments for getting link juice, you can mark his/her comment as spam and messages from that user won’t be bothering you again. If you trust a comment poster, he will post relevant comments and you can set your WordPress to automatically approve comments from him. If comments contain over 1 link, you can hold it up for moderation.

Modify .htaccess
The following code is very powerful in preventing access to a .htaccess file. It can greatly help in cutting down on unneeded comments. You can add the code under the root .htaccess.
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} .wp-comments-post\.php*
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !* [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} ^$
RewriteRule (.*) ^http://%{REMOTE_ADDR}/$ [R=301,L]

In the above code, you need to write the URL of your website instead of ‘’. It is effective in blocking all spam messages posted by spam bots. However, it is not that effective in blocking spam messages posted by humans.

Cookie File Plug-in
In order for a plug-in to function, it needs a stylesheet or an image of your original html-code in your site. When your site loads on a web browser, it will load your stylesheet or image and along with it, it will also place cookie. When a reader places a comment, the plug-in will look for the cookie file. If the file is found, the comment will show up. On the other hand, if the file is not present, the plug-in will consider that comment as spam.

The work of the plug-in is to check when the comment was posted. If the comment has been posted within 3 seconds of opening your site, it is most likely that comment is nothing but spam message. The settings page will allow you to set the desired time interval. The messages that are intercepted by the plug-in can be deleted immediately or you can store them up in a spam folder.

Akismet Plug-in
One of the most powerful and popular plug-ins from WordPress for thwarting spam comments is the Akismet plug-in. When your blog post receives a comment, it automatically will perform several tests to check whether the comment is good or spam. If the comment is found to be good, it will appear beneath your post. However, if it is negative, the comment will be sent to the trash folder. It does will in filtering spam comments by queuing them up which allows you to review them later to accept relevant comments. To use it, you need to register with them to get an API key.

Pinterest Engagement: Adding Many Photos to Each Page and Analyzing the Most Shared Images

Pinterest engagement is one marketing strategy that can help you drive good traffic to your business. Generally, people like to spend time watching interesting photos. With Pinterest, you can successfully the photo sharing strategy to promote your business. Here are two help tips on Pinterest engagement:

Pinterest Engagement Tip #1 – Adding Many Photos to Each Page
Only pages that have photos on it can be pinned on Pinterest. The size of the photos that you can add to your pinboard should be 110 x 100 pixels and higher. If the photos you add are not of proper size, your pages cannot be pinned. When people visit your website, they will not be able to share your images with others.

Each page should have at least one image that can be shared with others. A shareable picture can be an image that can easily express the complete message of your post. You should also make sure that you add interesting photos to each page. This will allow your page visitors to choose from a wide range of images and pin them.

When you visit the Pinterest page of The Pioneer Woman, you will notice that all the posts contain fantastic pictures. Visitors who come to this page are so impressed by the pictures present on it that most of the images are liked, pinned and shared with others.

If there are several images, people will choose and share images according to their choice. However, if you have only one image, they may not be interested in displaying that image in their profile and for this reason they may not pin it.

Pinterest Engagement Tip #2 – Analyze the Most Shared Images
Whenever you add an image, it is necessary to add only those images that can really interest your audience. They should be able to connect with your photos and they should be compelled to share them. Here is what you need to do before you go ahead and images:

  • You need to spend some time in checking out those photos that are most shared on Pinterest.
  • Make use of Google Analytics to determine out of the several pages of Pinterest which ones receive maximum traffic. Carefully go through those pages and images and then you should post similar photos on the pages that receive less traffic.
  • Go to your website and see which images are being pinned from your website. You can do this by visiting this link from Pinterest: You need to type in your website’s URL instead of mentioned in this link. Through this, you can easily come to know the most famous photos present on your website. To popularize your other pages and posts, you can add similar photos.
  • You can also make use of analytic tools like Curalate that are exclusively designed for Pinterest users. Through Curalate, you can know which content is receiving much traffic. It will also let you know who is talking about you and your brand, pinning your content, placing comments on it. It also lets you find out your best fans who share the most and contribute a lot.

Another important thing you need to do is you should install the ‘Pin it’ button in all the pages of your website. This will allow your visitors to easily share your site’s content on Pinterest. WordPress site owners can easily install the Pin it plugin.

Essentials Tips on Avoiding Unreliable SEO Company

Both small and large businesses are making great efforts to optimize their website so that people can easily find their site on search engine. Many businesses are depending on SEO companies for search engine marketing (SEM). However, you need to be choosy while searching for a good SEO company. Hiring an unreliable SEO company will only make your site perform miserably on search engine and you will only end up losing money that you spend on them. Here are essentials tips on how to avoid hiring an unreliable SEO company:

1. Don’t go with the cheapest one
Just because an SEO company is offering its services at low price, it should not be the only reason to hire them. As a buyer, you should be well aware of the services you need to promote your site. You may require services like SEO, PPC advertising, social media promotion and so on. It would be good for your website if you invest on a SEO company that is known for fulfilling its tasks in the promised time.

2. They should let you know their plan of action clearly
When you contact an SEO company for optimizing your site, they should clearly mention you about the steps they are going to take and how long each step is going to take to make your site search engine friendly. If the SEO company does not provide your accurate information of managing and delivering work, you should look for a better SEO service provider.

3. Go for a company that accepts revisions
Even though an SEO company outlines its work accurately and delivers it to you in time, sometimes their work may not please you. Hence, they should be ready to accept mistakes or make changes to the work they delivered to you to meet your expectations. A trustworthy SEO company will surely do its best to please its customer by offering customized service.

4. Check References and Previous Works
When you are looking for an SEO company, it always advisable to ask them to provide you some references of their old and existing clients. An honest SEO company will surely provide you enough references to build trust. If you find an SEO company making exaggerated claims, you should avoid such a company. The SEO vendor that you are going to hire should have been in business for over 3 years.

5. Be well prepared
To make sure you hire the right SEO service provider, you should also have enough knowledge about SEO to avoid overpricing and avail the best service that fits your budget. A good SEO service provider will educate you on the steps they will take to improve your site’s performance on search engine. However, even if some SEO vendors are well-known for providing quality service, some may not inform you in detail as to what SEO measures they will take to improve your website’s ranking. Hence, before approaching an SEO vendor, you should be well prepared about the different kinds of services that you should opt for. You can do this by spending some time on the web to educate yourself on the various types of SEO services.

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