Happy BirthDay GOOGLE

Google has turned 14 today, Happy Birthday for today and a lot more to come in the future. You have really made Internet Search easy and fun.

SEO Trends after Google Penguin Update

Many have predicted that post Penguin update, SEO will turn out to become a little tougher; in other words it will be more difficult to achieve a good standing on search engines. More than half of sites have been seriously affected and this has caused their search engine rankings to drop.  However, the purpose of this update was not to penalize these sites, but rather to serve as an effectual means of informing these different websites that the algorithm was being utilized to gain good rankings.   It also helps many sites using SEO to change and maximize their use of effective SEO strategies.

Updates with regard to algorithm use in search engine rankings such as the Penguin apply to all websites found when using the Google search. The effects of these changes in search results become highly evident when variations of the site’s rankings also occur.  Here are some basic ways to successfully get past the Penguin update:

  1. Keep the same URLs. Making frequent changes to your URLs, be it due to changing to the latest software or coming up with a new design, gives rise to more problems than solutions. In addition, doing so will likely lead the links to your sites to a “re-direct” or an “error” instead of landing successfully on your other URL. So, maintaining the same URLs as much as possible greatly helps.
  2. Keep your link profile highly relevant. The link profile of your website is extremely valuable.  In fact, following the Penguin update, your link profile should be considered your main asset and should be well managed. When the search engine recognizes your link profile, it also detects the other sites that are linked to your website and also identifies what anchor text in these links was used and how they were acquired. As such, if it distinguishes suspicious and irrelevant links, like paid links, etc., the warning flag is raised and thereby will be termed as “flagged”. So, it is important to keep away from inappropriate and unrelated links. Rather, focus on a number of high-value links in your profile.
  3. Check and clean up your website. Always remember keep an eye on every detail of your website’s pages. Know and understand which ones will work out and which will not.  Sure, you will always find some weak areas on your website that may have contributed to the dramatic drop of your search engine ranking. Study all the data and filter good contents containing specific and significant keywords. Remember also to keep track of the contents found on your website and improve it as often as necessary.
  4. Do away with problematic links. There are lots of problematic links that can be found on many websites and are sure to be flagged by Google. Some of which are links coming from poor quality websites and side-wide links found in the header or footer portions of some websites. Such kinds of low quality links are a common place for spamming. By eliminating this kind of link, the chances of being involved in ranking problems can be greatly minimized.


iPhone 5 is missing the “Steve Jobs Effect”


All iPhone enthusiasts have been anxiously waiting for the release of the new iPhone 5 since we felt let down with the release of the iPhone 4S. The release of iPhone 4S was well awaited for changes in the shape of the iPhone. But instead Apple improved the Processor (dual-core Apple A5 chip) and the Camera. I mean it’s not bad to have a better processor but what difference does it make for a common person like me?

Any how I personally did not upgrade to the iPhone 4S and had allocated a special “Budget” for the new iPhone 5. But I was shocked to know that they have again improved the Processor (dual-core Apple A6 chip) and the camera and the shape is almost the same. To know the difference you have to have both 4S and 5 present at the same time. The main difference i.e. “the increased length” adds an extra row to the apps on your springboard and that’s it. you can look for yourself in the image bellow, a difference of half an inch in the lengths.


We wanted an iPhone 5 that is unique and with completely different look than the previous versions of the “Family”. But with the latest addition to the iPhone family, we have to hire and expert to tell the difference.

At last I would like to quote from the Facebook status update of a friend of mine that says and I quote:

 “You know what’s the one and only feature that iPhone 5 lacks? – It’s the Steve Jobs :(
That’s my review of the shiny new one.”


Why Well-Known Companies are Now Embracing Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is today being embraced by the well-known companies who have previously been reluctant in using search engine optimization (SEO) and social media channels in their marketing strategies. There are various reasons which are cited as the main contributing factors in using social media in the marketing campaigns of these big companies and they include:

• Increased cost of advertising from traditional marketing techniques

• The increasing use of social media by many consumers

• The ability to influence the buying behavior of consumers through social media

• Real time results realized from social media marketing

Procter and Gamble
For two years in a row, Procter and Gamble (P&G) continued to register increased spending on paid media channels such as televisions and pay-per-click. Apparently, as it realized the increased budget in advertising in 2009 and 2010, it continued to watch its sales stall.
In 2011, P&G spend a staggering $10 billion is paid advertising, which was a 24% increase in the last two year. In the same period, it recorded a sales increase by 6%. What this means is that the budget of this giant company kept on increasing while there was no significant growth in sales. The company also announced that it was planning to lay off about 1,600 employees including marketers as a way to cut down the escalating marketing costs. (more…)

10 SEO Practices That Are a Doom for Your Website

In the world of SEO we all know that building links is the best way to popularize the website. Actually it is the trump card of any SEO strategy. While all the SEO gurus will tell you what all they will do to help you emerge as a leader in your niche business, you better keep an eye on what exactly they will do. Here’s a list of 10 SEO practices that are bad for your company and that can actually mar your business once Google catches them…

  1. There are many cheap directories across the Internet that ask you to pay about $10 per submission. Submit your site to those and get zero traffic.
  2. Forums are a great way to promote your website. Register there and in the signature, list over 10 websites. (This is so confusing and kind of spam in Google’s eyes.)
  3. If you are a member of a forum, only post in a post area, which will allow you to insert links in the post.
  4. If you feel you cannot write much or won’t be able to add to the discussion going on, only write “me too…” Combine this with that signature list of 10 websites. (more…)
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