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How to Overcome Common WordPress Errors

If you have a WordPress website or blog and you are quite active with installing plug-ins and adding new themes to your site, you may encounter several errors. It can be frustrating to encounter such problems and if you do not know how to fix it, you will be frustrated even more. Most of the WP errors can be solved easily. Here are some of common WordPress errors along with their solutions:

Problem #1: Unable to Login – Lost Admin Password
When you are unable to remember your admin password and you are not able to recover password by using the ‘Lost your password’ link, you need to do the following to fix the problem.
1. You need to login into your cPanel and in the databases category, you need to click on phpMyAdmin.
2. Now, select your WordPress database and then go to wp_users.
3. You need to find your Username and then click on Edit
4. You can change your password by typing the new password in the respective user_pass field.
5. After this, you need to click on the dropdown menu under Function and then select MDS. Lastly, you need to click on Go.

Problem #2: WP Admin Dashboard Does Not Show Up Properly
When you login into your WP account, you will be able to see your account Dashboard. However, sometimes it may show up without CSS and everything may appear disarranged. Here is what you can do to fix this problem:
Solution 1
Such a problem can arise if your internet connection is not stable. You need to check your proxy connection and firewall to find out whether there is any problem related to it that is not allowing CSS to load. You can also try to clear the cookies of your firewall and proxy.
Solution 2
Sometimes installation of admin plug-ins can cause conflict and lead to this problem. You can try to upgrade it and if it does not solve your problem, you can deactivate it.

Problem #3: Error – Warning: Cannot Modify Header Information
After new WordPress installation or upgrade, you may encounter the following error on your browser: “Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /path/blog/wp-config.php:34)”. Here is how you can fix this problem:
Solution 1
1. Through FTP, download wp-config.php and open it.
2. You need to check for spaces before <?php. If you find it, get rid of all the spaces.
3. The first character present at the first line should be <?php and there should be no space in between.
4. Remove spaces that are present ?>
5. The last character present at the last line should be <? and there should be no space in between

Problem #4:  Can’t Access Login Page – Blank Page Displayed When You Access Your Blog or Admin Page
You may see a blank page when you access your blog or admin page. Mostly it occurs after an installation of new WP theme or WP upgrade. It won’t allow you to access your login page. Here is what you need to do to fix the problem:
Solution 1
By renaming the theme that you have installed and using through FTP can make the WordPress to switch to the default theme and you will then be able to access your WP login page and dashboard.
1. Go to wp-contents/themes directory by accessing it through FTP.
2. Rename your existing theme folder.
3. Access your WP login page and login.
4. Find out whether the theme is compatible with previous versions of WP.
5. Find out whether there is any coding in your theme that is causing this problem.

Problem #5 You Are Not Authorized To View This Page (403 Error)
You may encounter the following error messag “You Are Not Authorized To View This Page (403 Error)” after you login into your WP account. Here is how you can fix this problem:
If you have hosted your blog on Windows based server, you can experience this problem. Most probably, the error could be related to Directory Indexes.
1. Login into your cPanel.
2. Go to Web Options and then click on Directory Indexes section.
3. You need to simply add index.php to the Directory Indexes.

Google Panda updates, is it important to keep track of it?

Over the past few months there has been a lot of fuss about Google Panda Update. Especially I have been looking at a lot of lists circling about the update  dates and people memorizing it like it were going to be a part of the exams. What I am curious is is it important to keep track of each and every thing that google does? I mean why not focus on meaning full content and white hat methods of SEO?

Worried About Penguin Update? Checkout Tips on Building Google Friendly Backlinks

The effective use of SEO techniques makes it possible to drive healthy traffic to your website. Among all the SEO techniques, building backlinks is one of the most powerful ways to boost traffic. In the recent past, Google has released Penguin updates which have caused many sites which were ranking well on search engine to lose their rankings. To make sure your website is not penalized by Google, you need to make effective use of backlinks. There are several things you need to take into consideration to build Google friendly backlinks. Here are they:

Natural links
Google is penalizing all those that are spreading spam content and messages to other sites by backlinking. Resorting to such unfair means to gain high rankings can cost your website dearly. If your site is hit by Google Penguin update, your site can get de-indexed. Google does not like people building backlinks to their site on their own. Hence, you need to make sure you keep natural looking links. You do not need to pay money to build such links. Building such links is a slow and steady process but these are quality links which won’t appear unnatural in Google’s eyes.

Relevant Backlinks
Apart from making efforts to make your links appear natural, you should also concentrate on building relevant backlinks. It is all about backlinking to those sites that have content that is relevant to your site. If you own a health blog, you need to have backlinks from well-performing health blogs.

Anchor text creativity
The text that you use in the anchor text should not appear spammy. Hence, you need to ensure that there is no excessive usage of keywords. You need to think of different and creative anchor text not only to grab the attention of your readers but also to make sure your site does not appear spammy to Google.

High Authority Backlinks
If you want your site to rake healthy and sizeable traffic, you need to get high authority backlinks. Mostly sites with high PR with relevant niche are considered as high authority sites. Here is an example, if you own a health blog and you have an interesting piece of article on curing skin disease like eczema. Suppose a famous health organization likes your article and writes an article with a link to your article on their site, you have managed to receive a strong authority backlink. High authority backlinks are nothing but strong links that you get world famous websites like YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Spy on Your Competitors
If you notice that your rival sites are ranking higher than your site, you need to find out what is going on. You need to find out what are they doing to get good rankings to learn what you are unable to do. To do this, you need to use your main keyword and search on Google. On the first page of the search result, you will be able to see your competitor sites. Go to and use their links to find out which websites they are backlinking to. You can get in touch with these sites and place your links by submitting high quality contents.

Protecting Your Website From Getting Penalized by Google

Since numerous websites on the internet are making use of plagiarized content, Google has decided to penalize any website is found violating the copyright laws consistently. Google stated that such websites not be indexed anymore and will no longer rank higher on search engine results.

The reason why site owners are using plagiarized content is that today’s technology makes it pretty easy to steal content and rephrase and share it all over the web. Most site owners who are doing this are not aware of copyright issue. Penalized websites will not only lose traffic from Google but also it will result in legal actions. Here are some tips that will protect your website from getting penalized by Google:

Seek permission from author before using his content
Most people do not think about seeking permission from the author before using his or her article. Some people think that it is okay to mention the source website and simply copy and paste the content from another website. This is not correct.

Some people think that if there is an issue of copyright infringement, they will get a notice from the source site owner to remove the content from the website. They think that if they remove the copied content after being reminded by the author, they can simply remove it from the website and there won’t be any issue. If your post requires you to copy certain text or phrases from another website, you should seek permission from the author before you republish it on your website. If the author is not providing you permission, you can simply rephrase and write it in your own words.

Overuse of keywords (Keyword Stuffing)
You know it very well that targeting certain keywords will help you drive traffic to your website. However, many site owners overdo it by repeating the keywords again and again throughout the post, in meta tags and just about on all the pages of the website. If you make repetitive use of your keywords, your readers will feel that the content is not written in a natural-sounding tone. Instead repeating the same keywords again, you should make use of LSI which stands for Latent Semantic Indexing.

At first LSI may sound complicated to you; however, it is nothing but making use of variations of your keywords or using related keywords in your content. Overuse of keywords has caused many websites to perform poorly. Hence, you need to wisely make use of LSI strategy to focus on all the possible variations of your keywords.

Link spam
Expert bloggers know it pretty well that link building is one of the best SEO practices that can expose your website to wider audience and bring in healthy traffic. Link building is not about linking to any website to bring traffic. It is all about linking with sites that are relevant to your niche and performing nicely on search engine. You should never link with sites that appear spammy. Linking to random sites will never do any good to your website’s performance. Instead, Google can penalize your website for link spamming.

Pinterest Engagement Tips: Running Contests and Adding Pinboard Contributors

Pinterest engagement has become one of the most powerful internet marketing techniques. Pinterest is a photo sharing social networking website that been growing at an astounding pace since the time it was launched in May 2010. Within two years, it has achieved an Alexa Ranking of 38. The immense popularity of Pinterest shows that people like to spend much time on Pinterest.

The good thing about Pinterest is that every post has an image which when clicked, goes to the website link you are promoting. If you want to effectively use the ‘Pinterest engagement’ marketing technique, you need to make use of following tips:

Pinterest Engagement Tip #1 – Run Contests
People love to participate in contests and sweepstakes. When there is an opportunity to win prizes such as coupons or money or few seconds of fame through contests; people do not mind spending time on it. For Pinterest engagement, you can start a contest wherein you can give away prizes to users who has the best collection of pinned photos.

Peugeot Panamá has successfully mastered Pinterest engagement by creating several engaging contests on Pinterest. What they do is, they divide a photo of Peugeot car into few pieces. They post one of the pieces of the car on their Pinterest pinboard and then the followers are required to visit the Facebook page of Peugeot Panamá or their website pin to find the missing pieces of the car on their pinboard.

The first 5 people who manage to correctly join all the pieces of the car are awarded prizes. In order to win a contest run by Peugeot Panamá, you should follow them or one of the boards started by them so that they will be able to view your profile on their pinboard. Through contests, they not only manage to achieve plenty of shares on Pinterest but also earn manifold followers.

Pinterest Engagement Tip #2 – Adding Pinboard Contributors
You can make your contributors feel good when you reward them for their contribution by giving away something or by letting them get involved with the product they adore. In order to add a contributor, you need to login into your Pinterest account and at the top right corner, you need to click on your profile name and then click Boards. You will be able to see all the boards that you have already created.

Suppose you want to add contributors to your ‘Products I Love’ board, you can click on the Edit button below the thumbnail of your board. Here, you can edit the name, description and category of your board. Through ‘Who Can Pin?’, you can add contributors by typing their names one by one in the ‘Add another pinner’ field and pressing the Add button. This way you can add as many contributors as you want.

While you concentrate on developing your social media promotion, your fans will do the pinning for you. Shoot is a famous website that educates people on how to make and manage your own garden. Shoot’s Guest Gardening board is a powerful Pinterest engagement technique that encourages people to pin pictures of their plants and gardens and thereby become contributors for them. By doing this, Shoot has managed to advertise their board and brand page considerably. Every picture that is pinned on their board is getting shared several times. Pinterest engagement has helped them build a good relationship with their followers.

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